Complete Newbie Package


Complete Installation Package


Product Description

Perfect for the new webmaster who wishes to jump in the wagon of promoting cam sites but is not comfortable at setting up a domain name nameservers and DNS, choosing a hosting company and/or package, setting it up and installing scripts.

I will refer you to 2 good hosting company, one that offers shared hosting at $10 a month an one that offer a VPS at $25 at month, you can choose between the two:

  • If you choose the VPS I will configure your Direct Admin panel
  • I will set up your domain name to point to your server
  • I will install WordPress is you bought a CBB
  • I will install the script you bought
  • I will create the database
  • I will set up your cron jobs
  • I will configure & launch the script you bought (CSB / CMSB or CBB)

What I Need From You

  • Some cooperation from you if needed (not technical :)), we can work it out together on Skype

What You Need To Do

  • Buy a script
  • Set up the license key
  • Open a ticket in the support section