The Tube Site Builder [TSB]

Tube Site Builder Theme

Comes With 4 Responsive Themes

An easy to install PHP standalone script that allows you to rapidly deploy an adult tube site to generate search engine traffic that you can monetize. Simply start the aggregator that will fill up your database with thousands of updates that you can edit before displaying them on your website. You can enable user registration, commenting and user uploads. Automatically edit titles and descriptions using the two (2) the build-in text spinners API: Chimp Rewriter and WordAI and/or our Adult synonym database including more than 2,700 lines of synonyms that you can edit from the admin interface. Made to run on auto-pilot you can choose the number of daily updates to be added and its frequency. You can also decide to send them to draft or to posted. Comes with 4 custom responsive themes from which you can edit the colors. It's also bundled with live cam snippets that can be displayed on multiple spots throughout your tube site linked to local galleries of cam models when installed in conjunction with any of our cam script or plugin.

Dump Function Allowing You to Add Just About Any Sponsor Content That Offers an Export Tool

Tube Site Builder GUI

Out of the box you can decide which tube site you wish to promote or simply all of them. You also have the ability to choose between more than 400 categories already built in the script. It comes with a dump tool allowing you to quickly add tons of tube content from your favorite sponsor ie; its title, description, embbeded video url, thumbs url, video duration, tags, etc... It also supports most traffic trade scripts found on the market and you can easily switch from one mobile-ready theme to another and you have the ability to edit multiple color sections. A great adult tube script to create traffic that you can monetize through ads, selling the traffic and/or convert it to cam sales when installed whith on eof our cam script or plugin. You get free updates for life and can manage the updat edirectly from your admin panel.

The Tube Site Builder [TSB]

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Unlimited Sites

The Tube Site Builder [TSB]

Admin GUI

The Tube Site Builder [TSB]

Cam Site Builder
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List of Features


  Add / delete site with its affiliate code

  Dump sponsor tube data ie: title|description|video url|thumb url|duration|tags|actor

  Configure dump format

  Select delimiter

  Ability to complete video & thumb url


  Supports HTTPS sites

  Edit name of gallery, category, tag, actor folder & slug

  Select number of thumbs on index & galleries

  Enter author name

  Select number of maximum updates per day

  Select updates frequency

  Send automatic / dump updates to draft / posted

  Send admin uploaded videos to draft / posted

  Send user uploaded videos to draft / posted

  Enable registration of users

  Enable ReCaptcha on registration & login

  Enable comments

  Enable user must be registered to comment

  Edit FFMPEG path

  Enable auto thumber

  Select auto thumb quantity

  Enable user upload

  Set users - maximum upload video size

  Set upload rules

  Supports any trade script


  Enable cache and set expiration cache time for index, gallery, category, tag & actor pages.


  Choose between 4 different mobile-ready themes and edit their colors

  Ability to hide category, actor & tag pages

  Select pagination type; regular or by infinite scroll

  Display or not social sidebar

  Enable/disable adblock detection

  Upload your own logo or edit text logo

  Add header links

  Add/edit titles

  Add/edit text with an HTML editor


  Change post status to draft, posted, enabled & disabled for automatic updates and uploaded videos

  Edit titles and text for post by Ajax

  Edit & delete comments

  Text Spinner

  Spin titles and descriptions with the ChimRewritter or WordAI API

  Synonyms DB

  Spin titles and descriptions using an integrated adult synonyms database of 2,700 lines that you can edit


  User & Admin Upload of videos

  Supports FLV, MPEG4 and WebM video formats

  Auto-thumber feature using FFMEPG to build multiple thumbnails from each video

  Cam Snippets

  Display online cam models snippets when installed in conjunction with the Cam Site Builder [CSB] or the WP Cam Plugin [CBB]

  Select cam site

  Select gender of models

  Choose number of thumbs

  Ability to be displayed in 5 spots around the theme

  Banner / Ads

  Manage graphic banners of javaxript ads, pop unders from one place

  Add any type of JS code ie: Google analytics code


  Change username and password

  Backup your MySQL database


  Apply remote updates for the scripts

  Updates are free for life