The Cam Site Builder [CSBMU]

Display One or Multiple Cam Sites at Once

PHP Cam Script Theme

An easy to use standalone PHP cam script that allows you to rapidly deploy a website to promote webcam shows from your favorite cam sites. Simply start the aggregator that will fill up your database with thousands of models and their related information. The online models API based checker will continually verify which one is online. Add some content using the build-in text spinner, the manual inport feature or let it create its own unique content with the Chimp Rewriter text spinner API and/or our Auto-Content Creation feature and you are ready to go. Adding or auto-creating unique titles and content is optional, even if we greatly recommend it, you don't have to do it. If no content is found or if you chose not to use the Auto Titles & URLs Creation feature this script will use the name of the model for the URL of the gallery and if you wish to, filler text for the content.

Perfect To Build a Network of Websites to Promote Your Favorite Cam Site(s)

Cam Site Builder MU GUI

The best way to achieve great results is to create unique Gallery Titles and Content; search engines will see unique content for those galleries and send you love accordingly. This script comes with a responsive template that you can modify. You can also use your own custom template if you wish to. It also supports most traffic trade scripts found on the market and is like all of our scripts bundled with the Online Twitter Poster. You have access to setup all the functionnalities of the script, add titles and text by categories and stat or stop its process directly from a well-made user graphic interface. Comes with a review section where you can create reviews about your favorite models. You can also create custom categories and pages and add your own text and image gallery. Nothing better to get some search engine traffic.

A true powerfull but yet an easy to use PHP script that will allow you to quickly build a website to display multiple cam sites on the same page. The perfect webmaster tool if you wish to promote multiple cam sponsors on your site and send quality traffic to each one. While continually checking which model is online and adding new ones to your database you can add some content using the build-in text spinner or let the script create its own unique auto grenerated titles, urls and content. Equipped with a GEO detection library you can choose to show a row of online models based on the country of your visitor. You have the ability to display or not a category, tag and country page and can exclude some categories from your home page.

The Cam Site Builder [CSBMU]

1 x Site
5 x Sites
Unlimited Sites

The Cam Site Builder [CSBMU]

Admin GUI
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List of Features

  Cam Sites

  Already integrated with multiple cam sites.

  Ability to display ony one or multiple cam sites at once. If you only enable one site, the cam site name is removed from the URL slug.


  Model status: disable model from being displayed

  Select which sites to display

  Exclude categories by site for your home page

  Hide site name overlay on thumbs

  Multi URL type: cam site name or ID

  Display country snippet on index, bu Ajax or not

  Choose maximum thumbs quantity for country snippet

  Custom gallery folder name

  Enter your affiliate code, whitelabel & program type by site

  Select categories to display on Index

  Image alt naming

  Download images or not

  Update API data in database

  Clean database while creating flat backup files, compressed or not

  Choose number of thumbs on index

  Choose thumbs size on index

  Select number of thumbs on galleries

  Use related models for thumbs in galleries

  Choose to display image or iframe (live chat applet)

  Choose to display iframe with chat or not (Chaturbate)

  Tracking code om iframe (Chaturbate)

  Use filler iframe if model is offline

  Display model's bio on gallery

  Display random online models On 404 galleries and backup files galleries

  Display auto generated urls & titles

  Display auto content

  Display filler text if needed

  Filter by tags, keywords, ethnicity, age, country (depends on the cam site)

  Choose default thumb size

  Ability to force a cam site on home page

  Ability to display only one site on home page


  Enable cache and set expiration cache time for index, category, tag, site & gallery pages.


  Comes with one mobile-ready themes and edit its colors

  Select triggering type for infinite scroll

  Display or not social sidebar

  Enable/disable adblock detection per site

  Upload your own logo or edit text logo

  Add header links

  Add/edit titles

  Add/edit text

  Choose to display sertain titles & text by category


  Choose meta title separator

  Set meta robots index for categories, pagination, tags & tag pages.

  Set meta robots follow for categories, pagination, tags & tag pages.

  Set follow or nofollow for footer and affiliate links in galleries

  Customize meta titles for every page using static text or with a syntax for dynamic rendering

  Display different meta titles by category

  Customize meta descriptions for every page using static text or with shortcodes for dynamic rendering

  Display different meta descriptions by category

  Text Spinner

  Spin titles and descriptions with the ChimRewritter API


  Add Shortcodes in gallery description under the iframe or main image and will be replaced by the model's dynamic data.


  Ability to add a review section on your site and create model reviews.


  Supports custom plugins.

  Twitter Poster

  Tweet when models are online with a picture, message and link

  Choose tweet frequency

  Supports unlimited number of accounts

  Supports HTTP proxies authorized by IP

  Choose where to send traffic: cam site, whitelabel, your galleries or custom url

  Built in free shortening url service

  Tweet from your own model list with custom thumbnais

  Select categories to tweet from

  Select ratio of adding picture, model, name, etc

  Add list of hashtags, name wrappers and invite wrappers

  Auto-Twitting: Function to automatically create tweet messages

  Add your own tweet message with shortcodes by orientation


  Built in feature to spin your own custom strings with support of shortcodes for model name

  Enter custom titles, text links & description for galleries


  Integrated with a sitemap

  Select check frequency

  Select priority

  Choose max records to be displayed on each sitemap

  Enable ping Google or not

  Select ping frequency


  View Chimp Rewitter credit left

  View custom gallery names left

  View custom gallery content left

  View custom text links left

  View custom twitter post left

  Banner / Ads

  Supports desktope and mobile banners by section and by cam site

  Manage graphic banners of javaxript ads, pop unders from one place

  Add any type of JS code ie: Google analytics code


  Change username and password

  Backup your MySQL database


  Apply remote updates for the scripts

  Updates are free for life

  Custom Pages

  Ability to create custom categories and create pages with text, pictures and an image gallery.


  Users can comment in chat rooms. Comments can be displayed right away or need to be moderated by admin.

Supported Cam Sites