Reduce Server Load

I have realized in the recent week that my server load was going crazy during the day making this site and demos slow to load. I didn’t have time to find the problem until today… I was getting hit by bots, mostly hitting the /aggregator/ folder which can be found in each of my scripts.[...]

How To Display Bigger Thumbs

I have made a change to the css file of all CSB and upcoming CBB scripts to display bigger thumbs for users with larger screen resolution. Just open your main CSS file called style.css located in /assets/css/style.css. The /assets/ folder is located in the root of your domain name. Open the file and scroll to[...]

Create Simple Cache For CSB

In this post I will show you how to create a simple cache system for all your CSB scripts V.2.0 and up, you can add it to older versions also, just ask me how by opening a ticket. It will cache the index page, pagination, categories and the gallery pages allowing you to serve cached[...]

How To Make Easy Money With Twitter and Cam Sites

I would like to share my recipe on how to monetize Twitter and a site where the content is generated by a cam site’s API. I have read numerous threads about “How to Make Money” with this and that and I realized that the dudes writing them always forgot to mention important part of them[...]