Chaturbate is Available!

Chaturbate is now available as a supported cam site with all of our 4 scripts to promote cam sites. It is released one day earlier to supply eager cam webmaster pushing hard to get it ASAP. Everyone knows that Chaturbate is a money making machine and the Cam Site Builder, Online Twitter Poster, Cam Blog Builder and the Cam Multi Blog Builder are great tools for its promotion.

Those particular scripts come with new features, not all of the 4 offer the same features so make sure to read their product description, but here’s a glimpse at some of them:

  • Detects AdBlock on galleries, posts and ask the user to turn it off to see the content
  • You can select the number of thumbs with CSB to be displayed on the index page (32-64)
  • Switch between programs Revshare or $1 per Registration or send traffic to your white label on the fly
  • Ability to add a tracking code if white label is selected
  • You can display an image or the Chaturbate iframe in galleries with CSB
  • With CSB, detects if a model is online when a user goes to a gallery: if iframe display is selected and the model is offline an image will be displayed instead
  • Capacity to Disable / Enable models
  • If a user goes to a disabled model’s gallery, he is redirected automatically to the index CSB page