Chaturbate Script

For a Chaturbate script you are at the right place! We have developed awesome camming PHP script to allow webmasters to promote their favorite cam site which is in this case Chaturbate.

They are simple to use and are packed with hot features allowing you to get free traffic to send to Chaturbate to make money. The principle of being an affiliate is to be able to create sites that will promote CB. We have exactly the Chaturbate script you are looking for. You can buy a single license script so you can rapidly deploy a cam website or our best seller which is an unlimited license package allowing you to create as many sites as you wish using any of our supported cam site.

A Chaturbate Script Packed With SEO Features

Now if you want to rank those sites and by that I mean having your site(s) get the most high quality traffic you can; search engine traffic, you need a script that has the capacity to be set up to your taste. Our Cam Site Builder PHP script are packed with SEO features. You will be able to write meta titles and meta description by categories and do the same with header or footer text and much more. You look at our demo where you can see a Chaturbate script in action either from the user point of view or from the admin panel.

Standalone PHP Scripts

How do they work? Well you will need a hosting package, a shared hosting solution will do fine. It depends on how many sites you wish to create, the best way to go is to create a network and in some case to go niche targeted. Why, well there is less competition in those categories so its easier to have your Chaturbate script rank better. Sure you will get less SE traffic than with a multi category site but it will be targeted traffic that will convert better at the end so you can earn money with Chaturbate on a regular basis.

Are Those Scripts Hard To Install?

No they are not. They require simple steps and they come with an installation script that you can run by browser. They allow you to write custom url slugs and custom content for your galleries or to use the auto-generated url and content feature.

Twitter Chaturbate Script

They also come with a Chaturbate twitter bot that will tweet online models all day long on auto-pilot allowing you to get your share of social media free traffic. You can decide to send that traffic to CB or to your site gallery page. Anyway we offer top notch support and we update our Chaturbate scripts regularly.

Customize The Theme of Your Site

We have just released two custom theme, Robo Arimo and Robo Black. They are both slick looking themes and will make your Chaturbate site looks pretty good. This way, if you decide to create your own network of site, which is something we strongly recommend, you can make sure to have different looks for all your Chaturbate scripts.