Chaturbate White Label

If you wish to create your own Chaturbate white label I suggest you do so since it’s a good idea. For those who don’t know what the hell I am talking about let me give you a short definition: A white label is a website produced by one company (in this case Chaturbate) that other companies (the affiliate) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.

A Chaturbate White Label

So basically it’s a cam site that will be a clone to the Chaturbate website but you will be able to customize its name, logo, colors… You will also be able to use your own domain name without having to host the white label on your server.

So why should I send my cam traffic to my white label instead of directly to the site itself?

Well there is a few reasons for that:

Even if Google won’t send you much traffic, because of the thin content penalty you probably will get since the last Penguin update, you will still get a bit which is better than nothing. Another reason is that your white label will convert better since some users will think its a new cam site and they will want to try it out. You will also get plenty of bookmarkers and type-ins.

Don’t forget that no affiliate code will show on your Chaturbate white label so it’s gonna be much easier to promote, you can put links on your blogs, on Tumblr or on Twitter while everybody thinking you are just linking to one of your website.

Tracking Users With A White Label

You just said that no affiliate code will show on my white label so how are they gonna track my sales? Simple; they track all sales made by the domain where it is hosted so no worry there you will get credit for every user that will buy tokens.

chaturbate white label

Scripts For Chaturbate White Label

At RoboScripts, all of our scripts have the option to send your cam traffic to either your white label or directly to the camming site you wish to promote.

Of coarse if a sponsor site doesn’t offer a white label as a promotional tool that option won’t be part of that particular script, but most of them do.

How to Setup a Chaturbate White Label

First you will need to go to your Chaturbate affliate panel and create a WL. Then you will get to a page with a bunch of controls which will allow you to customize it at your taste. You can upload your own logo, change about any color on the white label and choose which category or gender to display on it. Pretty much every cam site sponsor offers a white label option as a promo tools to their affiliate some are most advanced than others when it comes to the customization features. The Chaturbate WL panel is basic but it does the job, here is what it looks like:

chaturbate whitelabel panel control

Now on the registrar side you will need to point your domain name to their IP address if you chose to use one of your domain name; which is recommended. I have found a few online article that give detailed instructions on how to setup a Chaturbate white label: with Godaddy and with Google Domains.

It should help get the picture on how to…

CSB is a great script for you to quickly launch a camming site allowing you to promote Chaturbate while getting a bunch of gallery links indexed to get the most valuable traffic out there; the search engine traffic. You can view our demo if you want to see one in action.

CSBMU will allow to build a multiple cam site offering on a single domain name. It comes with 6 sites or feeds to start but you add more if you want afterwards. A great script if you are looking to offer plenty of choices to your surfer while sending high quality to multiple affiliate programs at once. Check it out right here!

If you prefer using the power of WordPress the CBBMU is for you you. Let me tell you from the beginning that this script is not a WP plugin but it will locally connect to your WordPress blog and act exactly like one. A great tool to get plenty of Google love.

OTP is a standalone script that will tweet messages from online models. It’s bundled with tons of features which will allow you to get your share of one of the best social media platform out there; Twitter!