How To Create A Profitable Cam Site

I have decided to share my method on how to create a profitable cam site, the one I first used to get into this business a while back as an affiliate, promoting cam sites like Chaturbate, Bongacams, Streamate, LiveJasmin etc. There are plenty of methods out there but this one has worked for me when I started so it will work for you if you follow its steps.

I do most of the support on RoboScripts so I see what are the main mistakes newbies do, so it’s time to help as many new webmasters as I can, so they have success launching their new cam sites.

The first mistake most do, is to promote too many cam sites on their website. I see them enable all the sites available In the WP cam plugin or PHP cam script they just bought, thinking what’s most important is the user experience while the most important thing as a webmaster is to make money.

The reality is that not all cam sites you promote will work for you, some will and some wont. It can’t be explained, its just like that. So, sending the little traffic you will have when you launch your first site to 10 sites is a waste of traffic and a lost of revenue.

Everything in this business is about ratios, a ratio is the number of visitors you need to send to a cam site so it converts into a free signup then into a sale, in this case having the user buy and spend credits or tokens. So if you send 500 visitors to Chaturbate and one signs up your ratio is 1:500, if you split those 500 visitors between 10 sites, which only a few will convert for you is a mistake since you will be sending traffic to sites that will never convert, tough raise your ratios and waste traffic.

The first thing you need to do is to choose no more than 2 to 3 cam sites to promote and test them. I would suggest creating a network of 4-5 profitable cam sites with only 1 or 2 cam sites max on each. Creating only one is putting all your eggs in the same basket hopping the cam site you chose to promote will convert for your type of traffic.

Choose a Domain Name

Second biggest mistake is the domain name, I see all kinds but ones that will bring SE traffic. Note that I am always talking about a profitable cam site launched by a beginner where it is probably his first site and doesn’t have other sites to link from or send traffic from and hasn’t mastered how to create powerful backlinks.

Once you become an SEO specialist you could rank a domain called! But now choosing a useful domain name is particularly important.

Creating a Niche Targeted Site

Forget about launching a generic cam site with tons of categories with male, female, trans, couples, etc… There are tons of those on the net and they are tough to beat ranking wise, especially with a new site, those sites you launch once you have a bit of experience and a network of sites to feed them.

You need to go niche targeted and even micro-niche targeted if you can. So, a niched site would be mature cams with females of course. A micro-niched site would be blonde mature cams, so a niche inside a niche or a category inside a category if you prefer.

Those are much more easier to rank and they convert much better. Why? Because they are niche targeted and a visitor that types mature cams in Google wants to see mature woman and if he gets on your site, that show mature cams only, the chances are way bigger for him to signup to the site you are promoting, than ending up on a cam site with 50 categories and 15 cam sites.

So you understand, because this is very important that you create niche targeted profitable cam sites, let me tell you a quick story when I was trading traffic. Now its dead, but a while back you could create a MGP (movie gallery) site and get tons of traffic with a traffic trading script.

You had to have feeder traffic so you could send some visitors to your trading partners, so they send some back to you. Here, productivity (prod) was the key, prod was the number of times a visitor you sent them clicked on a thumb, the more the better. Otherwise, your site wouldn’t grow, and those partners would drop you.

But I was buying that feeder traffic and I was choosing the cheapest one I could find; problem was that the prod of that traffic was crappy as hell. So, garbage in garbage out, meaning the prod of the traffic sent by my trading partners was as bad as the one I was sending them.

So, I had an idea, I created a simple page with 8 big high-quality thumbs showing the most popular categories ie: mature, Asian, ebony and so on. And started sending that low prod traffic to it.

Well once I did that, the productivity of that traffic skyrocketed for those niches, simply because I was filtering it and sending visitors that wanted to see mature women to a mature site! And it’s what you need to do as well if you want to create a profitable cam site!

Choose The Right Keywords

Let’s start by choosing the keywords that will define your domain name and your website. It needs to be 3 keywords, no less and no more. We talked about mature cams so let’s use those for the sake of this exercise, our 3 keywords could then be sexy mature cams so we can rank with those hopping in the future to rank just for the 2 main one: mature cams.

Our domain name would become, now we need to validate it.

How do we do that? We use existent tools that can be easily found on the Internet. What you need to do is to find a series of 3 keywords that brings around 600 Google searches a day, so around 18,600 monthly searches.

Why? Again, because those keywords are easy to rank since the competition on those is low. Even if your new site will get traffic from what we call long tail keywords we will use those main 3 keywords to build a site around it. BTW a long tail keywords is: sexy mature woman doing a live cam show…

Before showing you how to test those keywords, let me explain how the first page of Google works.

31% of users will click the first link on a Google search first page, 21% will click the second link, 18% the third, 13% the fourth, 9% the fifth and so on while the 10th link at the bottom gets 3% of the clicks. In fact, only 0.78% of Google searchers will click on something from the second page.

This tells you how important it is to rank on page 1 and on first position. That first link gets 31% of the traffic for those searched terms, in our case 31% of 600 searches which comes to 186 visitors looking for those 3 keywords you chose, that will go to your site every day! With a profitable cam site that converts for you, you should get free signups and sales over time with such targeted and quality traffic.

After all these explanations I will think you get the picture so next you need a tool where you can enter a group of 3 keywords that will give you the daily or monthly number of Google searches that goes with it. A few years back it was easy, all you have to do is to create a Google ad account and use their keyword tool, but they made it difficult to use now.

You still have a few options, is one of them with their Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer. You can either sign up for a free trial of buy a group account on Facebook which are real cheap. The other option is and their free trial option.

Basically, this is what you will do:

  1. Enter a group of 3 keywords in their keyword tool ie: sexy mature cams until you find a group that gets around 600 daily searches, note that by replacing the plural of cams by its singular cam affects that number. Please use logic keywords that you can write titles and text with.
  2. Open Google and type those 3 keywords in and check the competition, look at the 3 top positions and make sure you can beat those sites, mostly because they are not really related to your 3 keywords. If the first one is Chaturbate and the second a big cam site forget it, find other keywords.
  3. Login to your favorite registrar, I suggest you use they are the cheapest around and their admin panel is easy to use. Check if your domain made out of those 3 keywords is available with .com or .net, if not you could always buy another extension like: .webcam or .online but I suggest you try to find 3 keywords with its available domain name with .com or .net, if its your first and only site. When you find one at the regular price of around $10 or less, buy it. Remember the domain name needs to fit the 3 keywords exactly so: sexy mature cams becomes!

How long will it take for my domain to rank? If you follow what comes next to the letter and if your domain name is brand new, you should see your domain on page 2 within 3 to 4 months, but it can be faster depending on the competition you are facing.

Because it’s a brand-new domain that has no authority, age or backlinks, Google will sandbox it for a few months and test it by sending small amounts of traffic to it to see its bounce rate, average session duration time, etc.

If you keep adding updates, it should be a matter of time before you get on page 1. Now if you don’t want to wait that long there is an option, but please only use it if you create a network of site and its not your primary website.

Buy Expired Domains

To bypass the sandbox period imposed by Google, you always have the option to buy an expired domain name that was created years ago (age), that has authority and tons of backlinks. Don’t go crazy on those and bid on them or put more money than a domain is worth so $10. You will still need to choose 3 keywords and use them all through your site as explained below.

You can use this site and search for domain names that have the word cam in them. Choose one with lots of backlinks, that is the oldest as possible and that is not found on any blacklist. Use Google to find free tools for that.

If you find one, you will not want all those backlinks to go to your 404 page but to your home page, so if you are using our WP Cam Plugin: Use the Theme Editor under Appearance, then select the Pro Cam Mu theme, click the 404 Template (404.php) and replace all the code in that page by:

header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");
header("Location: ".get_bloginfo('url'));

If you are using one of our PHP Cam Script then add these rules to your .htaccess file:

# Redirect 404
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule . / [L,R=301]

Get Some Hosting for Your Website

You will need a place to host your website, I suggest . Start with a shared hosting account and then once you start making some money, move those sites to a VPS. Google gives lots of points to how fast your site is loading, so if your site is on a shared hosting package it will load slower than if it was on a VPS and your site will be harder to rank for competitive keywords.

So you know, a shared hosting account is made from a server where a certain number of clients all shared the same CPU, memory, etc. The hosting company have systems in place to detect when a user is taking too much of these resources but still it’s not a VPS where it is defined by default that your account has one CPU core, 4 GB of RAM, etc… assigned to you and for only you to use, making the site loading time much faster, tough helping your site ranking.

Scripts and WP Plugins

You will then need a WordPress cam plugin or some sort of script to build your profitable cam website. I strongly suggest you start with our WP Cam Plugin, its easy to use, can be installed on a shared hosting package and as tons of SEO features for you to use. When you get more experience, have a good VPS or dedicated server, you can use of PHP Cam Script which is made for more experienced webmasters.

The Importance of SEO

Now that’s a real important part that will tell if your site ranks or not. First you will install the WP plugin Yoast SEO and do its simple settings found in the SEO section of the WP Cam Plugin to have it force rewrite titles.

Then you will fill out your meta title in WP Settings > General > Site Title; which will be Sexy Mature Cams in our case. Then your tagline which could be something like; 100% Live Mature Woman Cams

After that, you will go to Search Appearance in the Yoast plugin and fill out your meta description for the home page. Try to put no more than 150-160 characters and start by your 3 keywords so: Sexy mature cams is all about… and put those 3 keywords again but separated in the rest of the sentence. So add sexy, mature and cams in there again not joined together.

Then go to the SEO section of the WP Cam Plugin and fill out every single section of it and each section you do, click the nav tab called Remove WP [site_name | tag_line] and set to ON for that section.

When I say everything I mean fill them all and always use your 3 keywords everywhere or a variation of them: cams can become cam, mature can become mature woman and so on.

Your Site Titles & Texts

Now that your SEO section is done its time to do the titles and text part of it. All the titles on the WP cam plugin theme are h1 so you need to add those. So click Theme Titles in the plugin menu and start writing. For the home page your top title should be something like: Best Sexy Mature Cams Online and all titles of any page should have those 3 keywords of a variation of them in it. Once all filled click Theme Text and start writing 😉

The header text should be just a few lines where your 3 main keywords should appear in the first words and the footer text should be no less than 500 words where your 3 keywords should appear no more than 0.5% to 1% of the total words. So for every 200 words, we should find them 1 times. And this is right for any page where you will add text. Just add your main keywords in the Yoast field called Focus keyphrase below your text editor in the WP post page and add them in your text until its smiley is green.

The Auto Poster

It’s a functionality of the WP cam plugin and you will need to use it. In Main Settings click the Auto Poster settings in the nav tab, fill out what’s missing and use the default configuration but make sure to send those posts to draft in Post Status and set to ON the Post Tags feature and add a list of tags based on your 3 keywords.

Go to Home Page and set to ON Display Auto Poster Table, if your cron jobs are working properly, auto posts should start appearing in the next 10 minutes or so in WP Posts > All Posts.

Now click edit for the oldest Auto Post and edit the title to add some of your 3 keywords, sometimes all 3 and sometimes just one or two, make the title longer and keep the model’s name in it while adding the cam site name from time to time.

Then add meat to the description in the text editor box, make sure to add between 500 and 750 words in there, again using your 3 keywords at 0.5% to 1% max. Writing just a few lines won’t cut it and you could even get a thin content penalty by Google for that, which would kill your site. Don’t stuff your keywords too, respect the 2% limit and make it natural. As I said use variations when needed. Do the same thing here, sometimes use 3 keywords and sometimes just one or two.

It’s better to have 10 posts of 500 words on your site than 10,000 of 2 lines. So you know I just read an articles where researchers created tools that crawled the web and saw that the average number of words for every ranking article for position one on Google had an average of 1400 words, so it is true, the more words you put, the better you rank. Well, this is not mainstream, for a profitable cam site, between 500-750 will be fine. Just check the live chat applet and describe what you see for 15 minutes 😊

Create has many good posts as your free time allows, take some advance and make sure you create 5-10 to start with, then schedule those finished post to be published once a week. I will add a model’s review section on the WP Cam Plugin soon, make sure to create a bunch of those, Google loves reviews…

Create Some Traffic

I wont lie to you, it will be hard to create traffic to your site since it is brand new and you only have one. Your best option is to create good SEO posts and get the best traffic you can get, SE traffic! You can use the integrated Twitter bot and promote your site on every board you can find, just put it in your signature.

You can also use any social media you can think off, do the tube submitting method with your watermark. But frankly, do what I told you, once the first site is finished, add a new post update a week and create a second one, then be patient and wait. Install Google Analytics and monitor your traffic.


To keep to visitors on your site and to please Google add some interlinking in those posts, so use relevant keywords and link a post to another, 2 interlinks by posts is good. This way visitors will read one then click on those interlink and read a second post and stay longer on your site and Google will love you for that.

Linking Your Sites Together

If you create more than one site, use Cloulflare if possible so you get your server’s IP hidden, also hide your WHOIS information with Namesilo for free. This way Google won’t know that all those sites are part of a network owned by you.

After a few months, when they start getting traffic, I suggest you link them together using the A-B-C-D-E method, so it looks like they are backlinks. Since they’re all new it wont help SEO wise but in time yes and for now at least you will share some of that traffic between your sites. So this is how it works:

  • Site A will link to site B
  • Site B will link to site C
  • Site C will link to site D
  • Site D will link to site E
  • Site E will link to site A

A few years back using the A-B-C method was fine but Google has became wiser so time to make it more complicated for him. Use your 3 main keywords in the anchor of those backlinks, and if you create a lot, use variations of them to help you rank for other similar keywords.

Are We Done?

Yup, I believe we covered all aspects of this recipe to create a profitable cam site that will make you money. You will have to put some effort into it at first, but a lot less as time pass, and once you have an aged network of sites that rank, you will enjoy recurrent revenues each month making it much more easier to launch new sites since you will have feeder traffic to start them and backlinks to help them rank faster. By the way when you can use white labels for the cam sites your promote, you can read an article on how to setup a Chaturbate white label here.