How To Make Easy Money With Twitter and Cam Sites

I would like to share my recipe on how to monetize Twitter and a site where the content is generated by a cam site’s API.

I have read numerous threads about “How to Make Money” with this and that and I realized that the dudes writing them always forgot to mention important part of them which made the whole process useless, you had the figure out the trick yourself to make it work. Also I will not promise you $100 bucks a day in a few weeks, but if you do what I say, you will make easy money that won’t require much work.

I was never good at ranking sites, I am talking about getting them in the front page, I use to throw them out in the wild, some were getting a bit a SE traffic others more while some practically none. I learned to do some tweaking, focused on creating sites that would earn and multiply them into a network that would make a good earning overall.

Rob Scripts

Build A Site With A Cam Site API

I will be taking the Cam Site Builder (CSB) as an example to start with even if I have great success with my blogs running on auto-pilot. As supported sites you can choose between Chaturbate, Streamate, BongaCams and LiveJasmin. I hate to write content on a regular basis and most of it I hate having to go to Twitter and follow people, same on Tumblr. Why would I waste my time doing it when there are good scripts out there that will do the job for you?

Every time I launch a new webcam API site I make sure to feed it with multiple traffic sources, some are better than others but on the overall it pays, I just move to the next site and forget about the one I just launched for a while.

What You Need To Generate Free Traffic To Your Cam Site

I am also using Tumblr as a free traffic source, the traffic converts and it’s good for back links. Twitter may ban your accounts from time to time, Tumblr definitely will more often. When it happens don’t cry, just forget about those and creates new ones. The goal is to learn how to gain a good amount of followers quickly and monetize those followers before you get banned; if you do get banned.

  • The Cam Site Builder (CSB)
  • 5 Twitter accounts
  • 5 Tumblr accounts
  • 5 shared proxies
  • 5 cheap domain names
  • Foxy Proxy extension
  • Cookie Cleaner extension
  • A Twitter following bot
  • A Tumblr bot

Send Free Twitter Traffic To Your Cam Site


Twitter Accounts:

You can start with 5 accounts but you can open many more if you wish.

The key is to open multiple Twitter accounts; but you have to know that when you need to use their API, you will need a different phone number for each to verify the account. So unless you have lots of friends to bug and if you need more account than 5 like I do what are you going to do?

You Google “phone verified twitter accounts” or “Twitter PVA accounts” they go for around $1 each so you should be able to get 5 for $5 or 10 for $10. Make sure you buy phone verified accounts coz they are harder to find than regular accounts that you can buy at $30 for a 1000 accounts…

Don’t access those account right now! You need proxies before!

Shared Proxies:

Don’t go and open 10 accounts with the same IP; if one account gets banned, all the others will probably go down too. If you wanna push your luck you can do 3 at max per IP.

So you will need at least 5 proxies, the cheapest ones are shared proxies, if you have the budget you could always go for private proxies but shared ones will do the job. I recommend you don’t buy them from popular sites like coz some people may have already used them on Twitter while spamming with them, and your account will get banned more quickly. Try to find small suppliers; they go for around $0.75 each or a bit more so that’s 10 for $8 a month. The more you buy the cheaper they get. Also try to find a supplier that will allow you to rotate them once a month in case you need some fresh ones. Add another $6-7 a month for another extra authorized IP. One IP for your server and one IP for your home. Make sure to get proxies that are authorized by IP not by username assword.

Domain Names:

Go to and buy 5 cheap domain names with TLDs like .download, .webcam or .win, they are $1.89 each and they come with private whois. 3 words domain names will do just fine.

Create an index.php file in the root of those domain names and put this code in the file:

You can redirect it from your Registrar but I prefer to use a php file since I can change the domain quickly or send the traffic to random URLs.

Foxy Proxy:

Every time you will want to access your different Twitter or Tumblr accounts you will need to do it behind a proxy; the proxy that matches the Online Twitter Poster (bundled with CSB) account’s proxy and your Twitter following bot and the Tumblr bot. Just create an excel file to manage your accounts…

So install that extension or addon: Firefox Foxy Proxy or Chrome Foxy Proxy

It will be very useful to manage multiple proxies; you can give your account names and switch between them in one click.

Cookie Cleaner:

Every time you will want to access your different Twitter or Tumblr accounts you will need to clean your cookies, especially the Flash ones that most people forget about coz even if you are behind a proxy and you switch between accounts and don’t deleted all your cookies; you will get caught. If you don’t want to loose access to all of the regular sites you use daily because you are cleaning your cookies often, just use another browser for this so if you usually use Chrome, install Firefox and use it to navigate through your accounts.

So install that extension or addon: Firefox Click&Clean or Chrome Click&Clean

Regarding the Flask cookies or Flash LSO you can always double check by manually cleaning your cookies with your browser while making sure the checkbox “Plug-in data” is checked.

Monetize Tumblr And Get Good Back Links


Twitter / Tumblr following bots:

I always buy my following bot at Rootjazz They are $77 each , continually updated and support is super fast, I have seen some at $25 at least for Twitter but cant remember where. Just find one you like and make sure it supports unlimited number of accounts with proxies authorized by IP and that it does the basic follow and unfollow functionality.

If you don’t want to buy one to start, you can use iMacros as a browser extension and run JS code to follow quickly hundreds of people on Tumblr. You can also do it with Twitter but they have a failsafe that will make you unfollow people you have already followed with the iMacro code, still, you can use it for new accounts to give it a kick start. You can find Tumblr iMacro code here and Google it for Twitter, mostly comes from other forums and don’t want to put them here. If you wanna go this way just search for a piece of iMacros code that will work, there are tons of them out there.

If you decide to buy bots you will have to spend the dough, but its a one time investment that will support a big bunch of sites you will create while making you money for the years to come, Cam sites, Twitter and Tumblr and my scripts are not going anywhere !!!

What To Do To Earn Money Fast

  • Set up a Cam Site Builder script and if you can, redirect the traffic to a white label. I know they don’t get much SE traffic nowadays, but you will get bookmarkers and type-in in the long run. If you don’t have one, just send it to the cam site you wish to promote. You should also go revshare until you start getting SE traffic just to make sure to keep your account in good standing and make more money in the long run.
  • Set up one of the cheap domain name you bought and redirect it to your CSB site using the PHP code shown above.
  • Find a bunch of free email service. Set up your Foxy Proxy extension with one shared proxy and Click & Clean to clean cookies. Now open a Twitter account and a Tumblr account.
  • Find a bunch of pics for Tumblr, or use the Tumblr bot to scrape them. And create your first blog while putting the redirecting domain as a click link for the pictures. Use a shorten service for your redirecting domain. The best is to use a few and mix them all pointing to the same redirecting domain.
  • Set up the Online Twitter Poster which is bundled with CSB and start Tweeting to your account.
  • Start the Twitter bot to get followers or do it manually; just find Twitter accounts that are doing what you are trying to do and follow their followers.
  • Start the Tumblr bot to get followers or do it manually.
  • Repeat step 2-7 four more time.

Like I said if you want to push your luck, you can open 2-3 accounts per IP, so if you go that way, repeat again until you get 5-15 Twitter accounts and 5-15 Tumblr account.

The key is to get follower because no followers equals no traffic equals no money. If you just open a Twitter account and don’t get tons of followers you will get nowhere. There are tons of horny dudes on Twitter and on Tumblr. And you will be surprised how quickly you can get a good amount of followers and a decent amount of free traffic.

I prefer Twitter since they ban a lot less than Tumblr. But still you can get an easy 100-200 visitor a day per blog on Tumblr, if you are on the right niche, redirecting to your Cam Site Builder in just over a week; when you will learn how to make the most of it. Add that number to the visitors you get from Twitter and multiply the total by the number of accounts you opened and you’ll get an idea of the free traffic you can get quickly.

So now you have Twitter and Tumblr traffic. You also have started creating back links with Tumblr. This will give the push Google needs to start sending you traffic. The mix of these 3 sources will make you money. Now forget about this site and start a new one…

Just calculate how much the CSB script has cost you, add the proxies and misc on top; it’s not very expensive, and the monthly fees to gain free traffic are under $10. You can divide the cost of the bots on the number of sites you intend to launch. Its pretty simple math and it will make you money, all running on auto-pilot, just the way I like it… Also your earning will grow much faster when the SE traffic starts kicking in.

I wont lie to you, I buy my proxies in packages of 200, cost me around $95 a month. With those I can run 200-600 Twitter & Tumblr accounts. You don’t need to open 200 sites, just to get more cheap domains and redirect the traffic randomly to your sites.