How To Make Money With Chaturbate

If you are wondering how to make money with Chaturbate because you are new to the cam affiliate business or you already have your own network of sites and you are looking to grow your recurrent income you are at the right place to learn a few tips & tricks.

Revshare Or Not?

First lets talk about which program to choose. Chaturbate offers two options. The first one is 1$ Free Registration; meaning that you will earn $1 each time a new user joins their site using your affiliate code. Even if this sounds very good I wouldn’t recommend it. Sure you will earn more at first but you will loose all the recurrent income generated by the users you sent to Chaturbate.

The second option is RevShare meaning that you will get your share of everything that is spent by a user. This is frankly the best way to go. It may take a while until you start seeing some money but on the long run it will definitely pay more. Let me be clear about it you will need to be patient, it takes times before each new user start buying tokens. You have to keep starting new joins without stopping for a while until you get a return on your investment…

White Label Or Not?

A white label is a promotional tool offered by their affiliate program. Basically it’s a clone of the Chaturbate site where you can edit it to your taste like adding your own logo, changing colors and most importantly having it on your own domain name. You won’t have to host it, you will simply have to redirect your domain name to your white label.

Even if the good old days of when you could expect to get a good share of search engine traffic to feed it are long gone because of the Google penguin update, there is still plenty of good reasons to send your traffic to a white label instead of sending it directly to the cam site.

Your conversion ratio will be better because some users will think its a new camming website, you will get some type-ins and bookmarks. Since no affiliate code will show in your links it will be also easiest to promote…

promote chaturbate

Building a Network Of Sites

Now that you know how and where to send your traffic you will need to get some. The most effective way is to build yourself a network of sites that will generate the best traffic available; search engine traffic. The Cam Site Builder (CSB) is a great script to achieve this goal and if you prefer putting blogs on the net; the Cam Blog Builder (CBB) is what you are looking for. I suggest you mix the two to build your network. Both can be setup to run on auto-pilot so you won’t have to spend too much time to maintain them.

Build Back-links

To give your sites to rank on search engines you will need to get as much as back-links as possible. Using Tumblr and linking the images to your site is a good way to start. Participating in multiple forums while having a link to your site in your signature is also a good way to go… Google it and try to find as many ways as you can.

Twitter has lots of traffic and you can easily open an account and start generating free traffic that you will redirect to Chaturbate. The Online Twitter Poster will do the job for you on auto-pilot; Check it out! Don’t forget that CSB and CBB are already bundled with the Twitter Poster feature…