How to Promote Chaturbate and Make Money

If you are new to this business or are an established webmaster in the camming industry it all comes to the same point; you need traffic and more traffic if you want to promote Chaturbate and make money. Now there is multiple ways to generate free traffic and you can build all sorts of websites to do so. You can do toplists, tube sites, MGPs, TGPs, trade traffic or go for the social media sites.

But frankly if you are looking at the best conversion possible there is nothing better than to create your own Chaturbate cam site. We have exactly what you need, we call it the Cam Site Builder and it comes in a single license offer or an unlimited license package. We of coarse recommend the last one coz the wisest thing is to create your won network of cam website and send as much traffic as possible to Chaturbate.

Conversion? What Are you Talking About?

Chaturbate offers to king of option or program to their affiliates. You can promote their $1 signup option or their revshare option. If you are looking to make money on a regular basis meaning months after months then go with the revshare program, yes it will take longer for you to start earning but on the long run you will make a lot more money than choosing to go with the quick buck at first and nothing after. Now monetizing cam visitors takes time, you have to continually send users so some of them become free joins and after a few months start spending. Some will do right away but most will do after a while, so in order to get the ball rolling you have to keep sending users to Chaturbate.

If you send targeted users you will get lower conversion ratios. So what a targeted user? Well a user that s looking for cams its at simple as that, then you always have the option to go niche targeted and even micro-niche if you wish, our new release of the Cam Site Builder allows you to do just that with the tag filtering feature.

Then How Do I Make More Money?

Promoting Chaturbate is one thing, finding a way to make more and more money is another. Like mentioned earlier its all about traffic. But you have to be wise, creating a cam site and putting it on the net with little to no work at first wont get you far. You will have to write some text on your site to rank for your targeted keyword, then may be create a bunch of custom slugs and content for the galleries, use the power of Twitter to get more traffic. These are all possible with our CSB Chaturbate scripts…

And then find a niche or category that works for you and that you feel comfortable working with and rinse and repeat and grow your network… This is how you promote Chaturbate and make money on the long term… A steady source of revenue coming in each month, all earn as an affiliate…