How to Promote LiveJasmin and Make Money

How to promote LiveJasmin and make money is what we will be discussing in this article for cam webmasters that operate in the camming business. LiveJasmin is a great cam site and has been on the top for a while. They know what they are doing at Awempire, their affiliate program, that’s why they offer tons of tools to promote LiveJasmin and make you money.

Anyhow you will also need a script that works with their API to attract that live webcam traffic so you can send it to LJ. We have 2 scripts that you can use, the Cam Site Builder and the WP Cam Plugin if you prefer working with WordPress. Since Livejasmin offers a variety of categories or niches we strongly suggest you build a small network of cam sites around them targeting a different category each time.

If you offer all categories on you cam site you may attract a bit more traffic but it will be diluted and wont convert as well as if you create niche sites getting niche traffic; its the way to go if you are looking to make money with LijeJasmin while promoting them. Someone looking to buy a pair of brown shoes has more chance of doing so if he enters a shoe store with only brown shoes….

Now if we go back to all the promotion tools offered by Awempire which is the affiliate program behind Livejasmin and is there to help you make more money; the first one that comes to mind is a white label. A WL is a clone of their site that you can “host” on your own domain name. You can change the colors and put your logo, i would create one if I were you. I believe that a white label converts better and offer a better protection with regards to cookies set by cam sites such as LiveJasmin.

Then they have popunder, banners, video banners, Gif banners, live feed, Iframe, custom iframe, redirect tool, link codes, model feed, model status, page peel, slide bar, hynoimages and hynobanners.

First build yourself a site using their API, we have a few scripts to help you achieve that goal. Then you can add and test any of those promo tools listed above. You will then need to move to the promotion of your site. The more you promote your LiveJasmin live cam site, the more money you can make. I will be writing an article on the matter; it involves creating backlinks for your site and using the power of multiple social media sites and those big tube sites to drive some feeder traffic to your cam site.

LiveJasmin is Tweeter friendly, you can use that platform to promote them and your site. It’s far from being the best converting traffic on the web but there is plenty of it and it can be converted to sales…

As you can see there is multiple ways to promote LiveJasmin and make money, the trick is to focus on your goals and don’t stop until you reached them. It takes time to rank a site on Google…