LiveJasmin API

The LiveJasmin API is there to help you build your own live cam site or use it in any way you want in a script of software of yours.

It contains a list of online models at the moment you pull it, with their related information; like age, location etc. Be advised that each model has its own ban list of countries… meaning that they wish not to be displayed on your site when a visitor comes from one of the countries they listed in the API. So you will need to implement a GEO detection feature on your script that will use lets say the free library of MaxMind and use it to get the country of each visitors and act accordingly.

That feature is already implemented in all our cam scripts since we take the well being of your affiliate account very seriously… Its clearly stated in the LiveJasmin API documentation that a failure to implement such a GEO detection feature can cause a ban of your account.

Please note that you will need to implement some failsafes against some situation that occurs randomly with the LJ live feed API. Sometimes images are not included in its related field for a particular model; you will need to disregard those if you intend to display an image in your cam site.

Models are listed in alphabetical order in their feed, which is offered in an XML of JSON format. So you might need to shuffle those models before displaying them in a table…

You also have the ability to create a list of cam models and submit it to their API to see which one is online. If I remember correctly the limit is 300 entries. Even with the limit, its still a great tool to use in your script to display only live camming models on your website.

For those who don’t know and I bet there is plenty out there the term API means: application programming interface and is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software. You can find its full explanation on the Wikipedia site right here.

So either you are a programer and you’ll be wanting to integrate it yourself your software or you are a webmaster looking forward to use the power of the LiveJasmin API. In this case me have multiple scripts that you can chose from.

The cam site builder allows you to display one cam site at the time and offers you to select between 12. The Cam Site Builder Multisite allows you to display multiple cam sites on your index page at once.

And we offer the same type of scripts as WP plugins for those who wish to use the WordPress platform. All those scripts are written in PHP and are populated by APIs.