LiveJasmin WP Plugin

WP logoA LiveJasmin WordPress plugin is a great tool to promote one of the best live webcam site on the planet. They have been around for a while, they are a big machine and they know how to convert the traffic you sent them as an affiliate.

Frankly they are one of my top cam sponsors, so if you are looking for a new tool to promote them, the LiveJasmin WP plugin is exactly what you were looking for.

It’s based on WordPress, a robust platform built by a community of developers and is regularly updated. It comes with an incredible amount of free plugins you can easily add to your site. I suggest you use an SEO plugin such as Yoast and a caching plugin such as WP Super Cache.

Our WP Cam plugin is based on the API supplied by LiveJasmin, you can choose to enable certain categories or not. It comes with a GEO location feature to respect the country ban list coming with each model, simply said if a visitor comes from that country, the models having that country on their ban list wont be displayed to that visitor…

Also comes with what we call and auto-poster feature. You can post automatically on your WP site, model’s content with their live chat applet and some text all day long on auto-pilot. You can send those new post to draft or publish. You can choose to 1) display an auto-generated title (url) and the same for the post content. 2) Use the model name for the title and add a prefix if wanted an and the what’s available in the API as content. 3) Add your own custom titles & content using the spin string feature or not.

Its simply the best LiveJasmin WP plugin ever made, its packed with hot functions and is SEO oriented, comes with a custom mobile ready theme and you can get additional theme in our theme store.

Not to mention the Twitter bot that comes with it allowing you to get some free extra traffic from a big social media site. It will create tweets on its own and post them when a model is online…

So go ahead and start promoting, if you are not already doing it, one of the top cam site out there; LiveJasmin. They have tons of promo tools for you to use, and you can reach out or easily contact one of their representative if you have any questions of need any help.